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Postgraduate Education

The BSAEA offers various learning opportunities for members and the wider Aesthetic Medicine community.

  1. Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Our Level 3 Award in Education and Training (L3AET) is the first and only Aesthetics specific teaching qualification compliant with Further Education and Awarding Organisation requirements, enabling practitioners to achieve a formal teaching qualification in line with their training academy requirements.

Aesthetics is a practical subject and it is easy to think that a trainer can just turn up and dispense their knowledge and expertise to learners. Whilst there are some brilliant trainers out there we have all attended courses or sessions that are less effective. If you start to think about why this is then you will often find that the fundamentals of teaching have not been adhered to. For instance was the venue appropriate? Were you asked what you wanted from the course or session? If so where these addressed? Did the teacher manage the group well? Or did you get frustrated by one student dominating the session? Was there anything about the course that made you uncomfortable?

If you were teaching a course, did you get any pre course information from the training body? Did you understand your role and responsibilities? Or indeed your liabilities? When you examine your thoughts about teaching and learning you begin to ask more questions about both.  

This course aims to make you a better teacher and consider what is required to pass your knowledge on to the next generation of aesthetic clinicians.  

This course does require some commitment but we hope it will improve your generic teaching skills and increase your awareness of what you need to develop as a successful teacher.

Many teaching organisations will look for people who have some qualifications as well as subject knowledge. In an increasingly competitive environment a teaching qualification may give you an advantage as an Aesthetic Trainer.

What is it?

  • British Society of Aesthetic Examiners and Assessors backed.
  • Regulated by OFQUAL.
  • An aesthetic specific qualification supported by an Faculty who are experienced practising Aesthetic Doctors.
  • Specific qualification for those who are already teaching aesthetics or aspire to do so. 
  • A course that is Aesthetic Medicine specific.
  • Online learning modules and assessment.
  • Run in collaboration with The Teacher Trainer Ltd.

Qualification objectives.

  • Provide a grounding in Education as a subject.
  • Understand core theory and principles.
  • Increase awareness of the elements that are required to provide a successful learning environment.
  • Understand your own roles, responsibilities and boundaries in relation to teaching/training.
  • Consideration of how professional values impact on working in your area.
  • Develop skills to create successful training activities for a variety of learners.
  • Demonstrate session planning skills – plan, deliver, observe and evaluate a micro-teach session.
  • Review strategies to support a variety of different learners and deal with conflicts in the training environment.
  • Understand how to deliver inclusive sessions that motivate learners.
  • A qualification covering all generic teaching and educational elements required for accreditation.

Why do it?

  • Suitable for all professionals or educators within the aesthetic sector.
  • Compulsory requirement for Level 7 trainers.
  • Enhance your chance of being selected for a position in a training organisation.
  • Demonstrates that you have attained a level of teaching skills as well as practical skills.
  • Useful as a contribution to CPD for annual appraisal.
  • Easy to fit in with your daily work and home life with approximately 48 hours of online learning.
  • Make sure you have the right qualifications to be a trainer now and in future.
  • Become a successful trainer in the aesthetic setting.

Delivery methods and Assessments

  • Online reading materials through your own dedicated log-in.
  • Videos clearly explaining the concepts around Education & Training.
  • Links to core texts and relevant documents.
  • Discussions with peers and course tutors, including support from the educational faculty at the BSAEA.
  • Assessed by completion of essay type assignments and a submission demonstrating practical training (micro-teaching session).

What does it cost?

  • £474.00

How do I apply?

Complete the course booking form at the bottom of the page or contact us by email at

Once enrolled, your details will be registered with the Teacher Trainer Ltd who will support your enrolment onto the qualification, subsequent assessment and awarding of the L3AET qualification certificate upon successful completion.

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